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About Me

San Francisco
25 years

Not my first Rodeo!

A seasoned photographer, Cass began her commercial photography career in 1998. She has photographed some of the biggest brands in the industry, the POTUS, rockstars, actors, musicians, innovators, and change-makers.
Cass has a passion for helping women and girls in the workplace. She also runs a healing arts practice, where she helps people align with their purpose.

Cass Redstone

Cass has had offices from Seattle to NYC, photographed on four continents, throughout five US Presidents, in every kind of photographic format.

Talented, funny, easy going

Originally from Seattle, Cass has a special gift for making even the most awkward people shine. She is a natural at getting people to open up. Cass can roll with the punches, entertain, get the shot, and make the whole thing feel like a party.


When she isn't working, you can catch Cass rock climbing, mountaineering, fly fishing, blues dancing, or doing stand-up comedy. Next on her list is learning to race big sailboats.

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Phone: (206) 999-0490‬
Cass Redstone, photographer